Container Shipping Service

Dependable transit schedules and sailings from major ports worldwide
Access to space allocations with major carriers
Door-to-door service
Advance tracking of your shipment milestones and reporting options
Cargo insurance options for additional peace of mind
In-house customs brokerage
Multi-vendor consolidations
Multi-country consolidations
Network for foreign to foreign cargo

Containerization of cargoes is widespread worldwide and most all consumer products are now transported by container. Therefore, selection of a suitable container type is fundamental.

We provide FCL and LCL services.

FCL - Full Container Load:
FCL is a standard container that is stuffed (loaded) and un-stuffed (discharged) under the risk and account of one shipper and only one consignee, in practice it means the whole container is intended for one consignee.

FCL container shipment attracts lower freight rates than an equivalent weight of cargo in bulk. The FCL means the loading reaches its allowable maximum weight or full measurement.  

LCL - Less than Container Load (Shared container / Consolidation):
Minimize Costs with LCL Ocean Freight, when you don't have enough cargo to fill an ocean freight container, we offers LCL service between major ports worldwide.