LoLo Method (Lift On, Lift Off)

We can ship boats anywhere in the world. We ship: Yachts, Boats, Sail Boats, Speed Boats (Racing), Tug Boats, Life Boats & Ferries.

 LoLo vessels load and unload cargo at Roll On-Roll Off (Ro-Ro) ports, Load      On-Load Off (Lo-Lo) ports and at unserviced jetties, using its own cranes.


We also offer shipping boat by using container.

RoRo Method (Roll on, Roll Off)

LoLo vessels (Lift on - Lift Off) can transport a range of different products as a result of their flexible cargo space, container capacity and onboard cranes. Lift-on/Lift-off (lo/lo) cargo is either containerized cargo or other types of cargo that may be too large to ship in containers or on   RO/RO ships. A LOLO operation is when cargo is loaded and discharged     over the top of the vessel using cranes or derricks.

One very popular method of International Boat Shipping is using our RoRo shipping services. If we can "Roll" your boat on and off, this can be the most cost effective & safest way to ship your boat overseas. Also there is a lot of room when shipping large vessels. These RoRo ships also transport Cars, Buses & Heavy Construction Vehicles, therefore, helping to lower the overall cost of shipping. RoRo ships are big and rock much less at sea than the smaller vessels.

Boat Shipping

 Self-geared Lift-on/Lift-off (Lo/Lo) type vessels are loaded and unloaded by a crane, which lifts cargo to a specific location on the Lo/Lo ship.  

While there are other methods of International Boat Shipping, the 2 methods RoRo & LoLo are the safest and most cost effective.